Parts Services

Consignment of Engines

Aviation Management along with its partners and affiliates are capable of providing full consignment of engines with great terms for the owner when it may not make financial sense to sell the aging asset due to current market values. The consignment opportunities often will allow a significant improvement in value received by the owner over a two to three year period.

Serviceable Material Consignment/Sales/Sourcing/Evaluation

Whether it is an engine or piece part used serviceable material for almost all engine types, particularly from Life Limited Parts can be used without detriment to the subsequent life or value of the engine.

Savings can amount to as much as 20%-30% per item. AMI, in conjunction with our partners and affiliates will source such materials in advance of a shop visit and ensure that they await the engine at the shop, along with full records.

Our team will also inspect ‘as removed condition’ materials and ensure they are repaired and/or recertified before these components are required at engine assembly.

Engine/Module Exchange Programs

Aviation Management along with its partners and affiliates often has several serviceable modules and or engines that are available for exchange to significantly improve the downtime during engine maintenance in order to keep your aircraft flying. All of AMI’s inventory meets the strictest industry requirements and follows the OEM recommended maintenance standards.