Our Mission

"Driven to Deliver"

Aviation Management’s Mission is to deliver a full technical and financial engine management services solution for airlines, leasing companies, and aircraft engine operators around the globe.  Our goal is to provide each customer with a vigorous, comprehensive and tailor-made engine management services solution that will enable them to realize significant cost savings while operating their fleets optimally.

Our History

Aviation Management was founded in the United States in 1999, by three senior aviation professionals, all having many years experience with commercial engine MRO facilities.  Rapidly expanding, the firm soon added specialists in the GE, P&W, IAE, Garrett, and Rolls Royce engine types to meet the growing demand for its services.

In February 2002 Aviation Management opened our European offices.  Our global presence underscores our mission to offer a complete range of engine maintenance management services on all types of commercial aero engines.


July 1995
An Aviation Engine company was formed to provide IAE V2500 engineering services to small and medium sized aviation companies.
Sept. 1995
EZ-ECM Company created to provide engine condition monitoring support. EZ-ECM's open architecture allows for services to a diverse number of engine types and models.
Feb. 1999
Aviation Management Inc. formed with additional staffing to further expand available engineering services to include GE, P&W, Garrett and Rolls-Royce engine types
Feb. 2002
Aviation Management Europe was added. The company is positioned to provide a full range of engine maintenance management services.
Sept. 2007
JT Power purchases Aviation Management Inc. and JT Power / Aviation Management LLC was formed.
Feb. 2010
Aviation Management Asia was opened in Singapore to provide 24 hour worldwide engineering support to our customers.
Sept. 2011
Aviation Management Europe grows to include an Irish office.
Dec. 2013
JT Power was sold to Willis Lease & Financing and Aviation Management, LLC became an independent entity again
Mar. 2014
Aviation Management, LLC expanded once again its European presence and added another top flight consultant to the Irish office.
Aug. 2016
Aviation Mangement, LLC adds another technical records person to our Irish based offices.