Financial Services

Acquisition Support Services

Aviation Managements highly experienced team is connected with the OEM’s, MRO’s, leasing companies, and the airlines globally so we can often be utilized to locate aircraft or engines required for your organizations operation. Whether for acquisition, lease, or part out the AMI team will help you locate the correct asset at the best pricing available in the market.

Aircraft & Engine Valuations

The Technical Team provides valuations and performs aircraft and engine inspections on all commercial aircraft and engines.

Engine inspections include borescope inspections, general condition reviews as well as trend and records reviews.

All aircraft & engine records and documentation can be maintained by AMI and allow our customers to focus on their strengths...flying aircraft.

Power-By-The-Hour Agreement Modeling

Aviation Management has developed our own “Power By The Hour” software and our reports will include a financial model to reflect the true costs based on any contractual exclusion, draw down facilities, etc. at the end of the contract period.

Fleet Management (Mid-Term) Audits

Mid-term audits during engine lease agreements can pay huge dividends to a lessor. During these audits accessories that have been changed out can be identified and proper back to birth documentation can be requested. Additionally, all lease agreement requirements that are not being met can be audited and identified early on so that these issues can be addressed prior to an expensive and combative redelivery process.

Financial Management/Forecasting – maintenance reserves

Costs can only be managed and controlled if they are precisely defined.

Our life cost model, which takes into account the predicted engine removal dates, workscope and the cost of shop visits.

Since the history of the engine influences the costs and levels of future workscopes, AMI’s cost models take into account any previous visits and any contractual conditions. This allows AMI to evaluate invoices to ensure drawdown requirements are accurate regarding maintenance reserves.

Effective management of shop visits can reduce costs and make a substantial difference to the bottom line cost of running an engine. The true savings benefit for these services is maximizing the hours on-wing and consequently reducing the $/hour cost.

Beyond Economical Repair Analysis

The prolific experience by the entire AMI team in piece part and repair of engine and aircraft components allows for solid guidance that can save a customers thousands even millions when it is determined a part is Beyond Economical Repair (BER) and needs to be replaced.