Field & Tech Engine Services

Borescope Inspection (BSI) Oversight

Engine re-deliveries are a critical milestone in the life-cycle of an aircraft engine. The Boroscope Inspection plays a critical role in determining the serviceability of the engine and vital evidence for future prospective customers.

Our team attend and oversee the BSI on behalf of its customers to ensure full compliance with the re-delivery conditions of the engine. Our technical team will be on-site at maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities around the world. They provide an independent verification of the full BSI process, questioning, advising and supporting the BSI technicians in all matters relating to the AMM.

An independent report is provided to our customers on completion of the inspection allowing the customers a further level of comfort that the engine has met with re-delivery requirements, thus preventing future costly unforeseen shop visits.

Engine On-Wing Field Services

All services are FAA Part 145 Repair Station approved and include the following list of capabilities and engine model applications. Engine models are continuously being added, so please contact Aviation Management if an onsite field service job does not appear:


  • Video Borescope Inspection
  • Compressor “Top Case” Repair
  • C1, C2 Fan Replacements
  • Compressor Boro-blending
  • On-wing Power Assurance Test
  • QEC Removal and Installation
  • Vibration Survey and Trim Ba
  • Engine Preservation

Repair Development with in house DER’s/DAR’s

Aviation Management has the unique capability to develop component repairs in conjunction with a repair agency to allow re-fitment within a Customer engine or for onward sale. Our capabilities include providing FAA-DER approvals as required.

Technical Expertise Placement

From time to time an aircraft leasing company, bank or airline may require additional technical support. AMI is able to place qualified staff on-site with customers to deal with technical aspects of engine maintenance programs and documentation reviews.

Typically, our staff can spend a number of days per week on-site at customer offices. The range of activities that can be accomplished include, engine shop visit document reviews and BTB trace on LLPs and other high dollar items. These reviews can be combined with subsequent on-site visits.

MRO Shop Design and Layout including Tooling & Machines

The design and delivery of commercial engine overhaul shops is a service unique to Aviation Management. A team of skilled and experienced engineers will advise on complete shop layout and design or review an existing shop and make recommendations for improving efficiency.

AMI will also advise on the value of the vast array of tools recommended by engine manufacturers and suggest recommendations for alternative sources or options. This can provide a considerable savings on set-up costs.

AMI also provides an ongoing support service through the production of Quality Assurance procedures, Designated Engineering Repair (DER) approval and general technical support.